Artists of Note

In our Critical Issues class, we often have "artist heroes" and working artists come in and speak to us, or we discuss their work.
I like that, to learn a little more about contemporary art.

Marie-Angue Guilleminot
Kevin Yates
Burckhardt (forgot his first name)
& any pre-1912 Piet Mondrian (sorry buddy, not a fan of grids)

A lot of my work that I've done so far is not really... my art work. It was more for school, so I don't know if I'm cool with showing it here. But I guess I will. I don't feel particularly that I put a lot of passion into them, just had to rush through them at 2am at night.

Oh, I've also started dabbling in oil paint, so beware, I might put up some tiny canvases soon.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Theo Jansen is mighty spectacular. You will be fucking blown away when you first see his work. Google him. Do it for the sake of all innovation.