miniscule renditions

I'm currently in a human figure painting course. It's a challenge, which is great. I like growth. I get frustrated easily though, especially when mixing colours for skin tones. But considering I've never painted the human body realistically before, it's expected.

Collection of small paintings for my first project. Acrylic on canvas paper.

Part two of project one, emphasis on hands. Acrylic on canvas paper. Strangely, the paintings look better as thumbnails. I did use Internet-found photo references for these two, I'd like to point that out. They were beautifully shot photographs, and very helpful.

I've fallen in love

Lithography. Incredibly medieval, but beautiful. I hope it never dies. The labour and the pain and the fumes and mess are all worth it.
Hybrid project. Litho on paper.
Artist print, litho on vellum.
Rock paper scissors project, artist print diptych. Litho, mixed media on Japanese paper.

Believe me, these prints are way better in real life. There's an effervescence to the drawing material and the texture of the paper than you can't see in these photos.

I have a very limited edition of both prints, but because they are multiples, I am up to selling! The diptych, though, is not for sale.

an oldie!

Blogger apparently doesn't appreciate landscape viewing. I think I should leave, they are not artist friendly.
Old mixed media from the days of high school. It's always nice to look at old work and see how far you've progressed.