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More van Gogh than Seurat.
I have a loooooong way to go.
Also, this evening I watched a doc/retrospective of Canadian painter Takao Tanabe.
I really dig the rang he has between his photographic landscapes, his abstract expressionist things and his prints. Quite a work, and quite a guy.
If you're in the Toronto area, definitely go take a look at his exhibtion



I also sew (sloppily)
socks were artist's own, hat from Mexico.
template found somewhere around the interwebs.


it feels like home

I'm painting again!
This term I have a wonderful instructor by the name of Yam Lau.
He's an established artist here in Toronto and in parts of China. (yes, also go search him up)
First assignment, paint the interior space of our studio, a la Matisse & Duffy. Loose, fluid rendering.

Acrylic on canvas paper. We're meant to just expand as we go, filling up space whichever direction we find fit, and adding sheets as necessary.
It's great.

Marie-Ange Guilleminot

Paper, Mylar, graphite, coloured pencil, tread, tissue paper
Paper, Mylar, Tissue paper, thread, graphite, coloured pencil

She's a wonderful artist I learned about in my Critical Issues course, you can go ahead & search her up, and check out her website, if you're fluent in French.
I found inspiration in her artwork to create my own.
Merci, Marie-Ange


I had a final project for my drawing course last term, as aforementioned in this blog, and it did not turn out so well.

I just didn't give myself the chance to do fantastically. Chose to paint instead of applying drawing techniques, used really crumbly old books, was way too ambitious and didn't give myself enough time to execute the plans. It was just all rushed & in desperated need of polishing.

Below are two parts out of the five I did for the final piece.
"Good Wives" acrylic with collage, on a book.

"The Secret" acrylic, collage, book.
First time I decided to do a (part of a) piece on queer issues.
I guess I feel as though the more we talk about it and secularize it, the more "unnormal" we're making it. It's not like people do art about "straight" issues.
Sex is sex, and that's complicated enough.

at the tone, please leave


Here's a secret, I have telephonophobia.
or, more accurately, a fear of speaking on the phone, not the concrete object itself.
(working as a receptionist one year when I was 16 caused me a lot of anxiety)

Watercolour (not a good idea) with mixed media on vellum. part of my 2009 drawing course.