"Run! Run, my losers!"


I know people say, "Oh, you think your family is weird? You haven't met my mother."
But I'm not exaggerating. My family's inherent weirdness is not cute or charismatic.
Makes for great stories though, and in this case, interesting photos.
Speaking of photos, in regards to the heavy updating, I've also uploaded new photos of the painted bottle as well as the Marie-Ange pieces.

painting update.2

I don't have a title for this yet. I quite like it, and the more I look at it, the more I realize that it does have a certain Le Petit Prince charm, as my prof noted. It's a great book, if you haven't read it. It's my favourite story, one that gets better the older you grow.

Cotton fabric, acrylic, mylar, Home Depot paint sample chips, thread, wax.
I had an incident where I accidentally set my painting on fire when I was melting the wax. Horrible, but I saved it, and febrezed it until it no longer smelled of smoke.

If I have the time, I'll eventually install the piece like what I have in mind. The first layer is supposed to hang from the ceiling, so that it is detached from the canvas surface.

Painting update.1

Inspired by Toulouse Lautrec's "La Toilette"
the one that caused me pain. I reworked this thing to death.
detail. acrylic, mylar, vellum, thread, coloured pencils, graphite, oil pastels, yarn. You name it, it's in there somewhere.


light drawings part two

my love goes out to Phoebe "Trololo" Yeung

and also to Gayle, Katie, & Andrew for their help in this photoshoot.

St. Lawrence Market.

light drawings

I was thinking of importing my photos into Photoshop and adjusting the tone, but I figured that would really show the bastardization of traditional photography. So I present them in their original forms, sometimes over exposed, sometimes under, sometimes just plain ol' grey.