I had a final project for my drawing course last term, as aforementioned in this blog, and it did not turn out so well.

I just didn't give myself the chance to do fantastically. Chose to paint instead of applying drawing techniques, used really crumbly old books, was way too ambitious and didn't give myself enough time to execute the plans. It was just all rushed & in desperated need of polishing.

Below are two parts out of the five I did for the final piece.
"Good Wives" acrylic with collage, on a book.

"The Secret" acrylic, collage, book.
First time I decided to do a (part of a) piece on queer issues.
I guess I feel as though the more we talk about it and secularize it, the more "unnormal" we're making it. It's not like people do art about "straight" issues.
Sex is sex, and that's complicated enough.

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