my art finally makes an appearance!

If you recall from one of my pervious posts, I wrote how I will someday upload my artist trading cards from my grade 12 art summative. Well here they are. I don't have all of the ones I created, but after a year of hard work and fun times, I have this collection of small art to remember my classmates.

For this project we had to choose a theme to go with our cards. On the day of trading, we each had to explain briefly our themes, but I got too choked up and teary to really give much of an explanation.
My theme is decay. I don't want to go too much into detail, but I felt decay was essentially the theme of my life this year. I just seemed to be surrounded by it, with relatives who developed tumours, and going crazy, and someone very dear to me whom I love also go though a rough tumble of health problems. And me, I had an incredibly rough time dealing with my mental health and its subsequent toll on my body and function as a human. We live in decay and rot; it comes from the plastic that saranwraps us and kills us, it comes from people slowly breaking you down. Nothing stays forever. eventually we just fall apart. We are delicate creatures, not meant to resist time, weather and disease.But in rotting and breaking apart in smaller pieces, is a chance for growth. So grow we will.

Here are the three pages of cards from my collection. Let's see if you guys can pick out which ones are the ones I created.

The following cards are from my two favourite people:

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