when we started, both broken-hearted..

Haven't posted lately as I didn't have any work to post. It's not that I haven't been creating anything, I just can't show it, 'cause I don't have a scanner or a webcam or a digicam in my house.

Anyways, did do something very interesting this past weekend; went to the 48th Annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition @ Nathan Philip Square. Had a wonderful time. I love free art shows.

There was plenty of talent present, but I had a few favourites, such as
Hayden Menzies, (I really love this guy's characters in his paintings, and the sketchy, gritty and almost child-like execution of his work.)
Tania Boterman Wonderful watercolour work, and really fantastic and detailed realism.
Sophia Choi This girl paints on glass, and the work comes out with a whimsical, illustrative depth. Really creative use of material.
Tony Taylor Gripping political oil paintings on (my favourite material!!) Mylar.

All the links have galleries, but you should've seen the work up close. I didn't speak with any of the artists, but they all seem friendly and passionate about their work.

Anyways, I lied, I do have something of my own to show

I drew it on the odopod sketch website. Really great, specially if you have a tablet.
If you want to see the sketch in action, just clicky here

P.S. Did you guys go to the BSS concert on the Harbourfront Saturday night? Was it not the most fantastic thing ever? I love seeing all the hipsters together.

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