Is it you or me?

Self-Portrait, 22X30 inches, acrylic ink applied via home-made stamping tool on paper

I'm not really a self-portrait kind of person. This was a requirement of my drawing course (which ironically enough works with more water and fluid media than dry, and we... spill more than draw) Plus we had to use grids, à la Chuck Close, except not quite, as you can see here, the grid is not visible at all and not integral to the piece. (Close works by aligning a grid of a billion squares onto a photo and then enlarging the image by painting abstract blotches of the colours in each box. Eventually what he gets is this glassy, pixelated effect that merges together to create the desired image when viewed from a distance, and just a bunch of squares with analogous colours when viewed up close)
I fucking hate grids.
Detail; work has this sketchy, cross-hatched look. Not really my intention. To be honest, I didn't give this project much thought. Finished it in a day; just sat down and stamped for 8/9 hours.

Though okay, I understand that the grid method helps the artist concentrate on representing work realistically, and it allows a heightened awareness of the position and proportion of forms and lines and etc. But humans don't see forms in grids. Computers do. Graphing calculators do. YRT bus transfer taped on to show scale of piece.

For some reason I have this perception that I look faintly like Mickey Mouse.

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