Look man, once I install the driver for my scanner into this laptop, everything will be better. For now, both you & I settle for the quick & cruddy webcam.
Watercolours, for Yam's class. & by watercolours, I mean watered down acyrlics.
(Golden Acyrlics-so no, this ain't cheap)
3rd part of the 1st project. I haven't finished any of the three components, and the critique is next week.
I was feeling sick today after painting class, and just went home sweating and shivering and writhing in pain, and left my paints & brushes at Pork U. Unfortunate, I would've like to work on this, and other things.
My birthday may be just over 4 months away, but hints to all you readers
A subscription to Canadian Art Magazine
A student membership to the AGO
is what I'd like.
(Actually, what I'd really want is to see Owen Pallett in concert, but exam period falls in the same week as the show, and school first, beautiful music second. )

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