SX-70s and plaster.

Plaster is not my friend.
Recent completed project. I was de-molding today and my tile broke in three pieces, and the mold itself is a waste mold, so it was not like I could just re-cast in time to meet the deadline. Luckily I was able to fix the final piece, but unfortunately the surface is all pot-marked with air bubbles. Which just stinks, as I was diligent in tapping the piece as the plaster was curing.
Mold-making is a fun, messy activity though, I don't hate doing it or anything. It something people should try. Bring hand lotion though, because being in the sculpture and print studio consistently and being in the kitchen, has made my skin is rough enough to grind my Bavarian limestone down.

clay sculpting, then made a mold of that, and then casted that shit.

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