Don't know anything other

Shut up. Shut up and just do it. Do it because you cannot imagine a life without it, cannot imagine doing anything else. You will make mistakes. You will grow. And when you get caught up in perfection, recognition, fame, financial stability, it will break you down and it will bring you back.
It's not romantic. It's not about talent. It's about the nights you don't sleep so you can harvest a little bit of honest and truth. It's about working and reworking, wanting to throw it away and coming back to it refreshed and willing to do it all over again. There is plenty of waiting, but never idleness. It involves networking, but it's never about luck. And it's never about you. It's about the love that is greater and bigger and more truthful than anything that is manifested in you or your knowledge. It's wanting more and giving all. It is your voice. And if you want to be heard, shut up, and do it. Make your art. Live your life.

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